This module will constantly monitor your yacht and if at any given time it detects a problem it will immediately send an SMS with specific fault description and if user wishes it may also call.


Examples are:

Shore Power ON / OFF

Anchor Drift ALARM / RESTORE

House bank LOW / CHARGED

Starting battery LOW / CHARGED

Bilge water Alarm HIGH / LOW

Motion Detect ON / OFF

Locker or Hatch OPEN / CLOSED

Fridge Defrost / OK

Gas Alarm ON / OFF

Smoke and Carbon Monoxide ALARM ON / OFF

Engine Overheating

And Many others

alt=" GSMAlarm.jpg"
GSM Alarm Main Board

iOS + Android smart phone application



  1. 12 + 24 Volts. (Works up to as low as 9 Volts).
  2. Sim card supports any networks.
  3. Very low power consumption. (20ma).
  4. Can program multiple users and only certain users can be notified upon specific alarm sms notifications.
  5. USB programming, therefore 8 inputs and 4 outputs can be named as per user request.
  6. Each individual input can be set to notify User/s via SMS or Call or Both.
  7. ARM + Disarm function on specific inputs. Eg: Door, Lockers, Hatches and PIR. (Stay Function).
  8. GPS tracking function when Armed including Mooring / Anchor Alarm. Position tracking including periodic update interval setting. (o=Off, 1=1 SMS/Day - 24=1 SMS/Hr).


Outputs can be controlled Via SMS function - sending user password and code to control specific function. Mobile application will be programmed having user configured buttons.

  1. Possible to control any 220V AC output.             eg: Battery charger, Air conditioning, Water heater, etc.
  2. Possible to control any   12V / 24V output.               eg: Passarelle lights, Under water lights, Cabin Lights, Inverter, etc.
  3. Silent alarm (No Siren) just sms and call function or Siren output - This can be set with any delay time prior to activation giving sufficient time for user to deactivate alarm.
  4. On Board Buzzer to notify user of any alarm whilst onboard if no GSM network is available.


  1. Battery Bank Voltage monitoring, same as alarm supply input. User can query voltage at any monent by sending sms request including password and alarm will reply. (Low voltage and High voltage alarms are set through software and values may vary, however usually set at 12.1V for low voltage and 14.7V for High voltage. User/s will receive only One SMS.

(This is very useful to notify you if Battery charger or alternator is not functioning properly, being High or Low voltages to avoid damage to Starting and domestic batteries).


  1. Shore power ON + OFF sms notification.
  2. Bilge High Water alarm having seperate switch, with 3 sec delay to avoid false alarms in rough conditions. Once switch is activated user/s will receive an SMS + Call.
  3. Additional Battery bank/s monitoring. 
  4. Temp sensor with user High and Low value progammable settings. User will receive an SMS, Call or both when programmed High + Low values are reached. (Sensor usually fitted inside engine room in case of Overheating or Fire or else inside Fridge / Freezer, and you will be notified if fridge is defrosting.
  5. ARM + Disarm function on specific inputs. Eg: Door, Lockers, Hatches and PIR motion sensors. (Stay Function). Users will only be notified when in "ARM" state.